Creating New Language Versions of a Site

One of the major dilemmas that a successful retailer will face in the near future is whether they want to remain as a company that serves customers in one or two countries, or whether they want to complete a major expansion that would allow them to target customers all around the world. In principle, the idea is a good one, as most retailers will not have to spend a huge amount of extra money to ship items to those customers, or accept payments from them. However, creating new versions of the site for each region can prove a little problematic.

Creating a new version of a site in the same language is not too bad. There will be some changes, as is always the case, but the base of the site will remain the same. For instance, an American retailer may want to sell items to customers in Canada and the UK. Most people in those nations speak English, which means that you will not have to create a new language version of the site. This job is easy, and should not take more than a week or so. However, other countries and regions will prove a little more problematic.

For instance, if you are looking to expand into India, Russia and China, only having an English version of the site is not good enough. Yes, the English version will still attract customers, as many people in those countries speak English. However, you will need a high quality version of your site that is accessible in Russian, Hindi and Chinese if you wish to get a large portion of the potential customers of those countries. And doing that is not easy. It will require the services of a high quality translation firm, and you will need to put in the right amount of time and money into the project.