Famous celebrities are presidential and have also had humble beginnings

Many of you reading this now can be forgiven for feeling cynical or disillusioned at this time. Even if you were a citizen of one of the world’s strongest democracies, you will have grown sick and tired of all the political pot boilers and shenanigans that go down on Capitol Hill or in The House of Commons. You ask yourself; why bother. Why bother to vote for these morons at all? But every four or five years, what do you do, you go and vote anyway.

Perhaps at those crucial moments, speeches that promised you the earth forced your desperate hand and you thought; what the heck, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. If you are an American, many of you gave this man the benefit of the doubt. Those that did not vote for him thought he was too good to be true. There were also those unmentionables, but fortunately, even to this day, they remain in the minority.

In any case, as things stand now, it is never too late to learn new things about your past and possibly future great leaders. You can go to online informational and pop news websites like http://celebritynetworth.wiki and learn how it all started for them. You’ll see that they are men and women just like you. You’ll learn that not all of them were part of the status quo or born with the proverbial spoons in their mouths.


Yes, it’s true, some of them do have foot in mouth disease as well, but, hey, that’s all interesting news to have and to hold too, right. Give yourself food for thought and also learn about those men who went down in history ending their tumultuous political careers in the hall of shame. There was one man who vehemently denied that he was ever a crook, and yet he had to resign quickly before the powers that be booted him out of office themselves.

In essence, he was still a humble man. It’s just that he grew so desperate and paranoid. He had a long political career and perhaps he had become quite weary. If you go all the way back to how it all started for him, and you can do this now, you will have found that Republican President Richard Nixon had humble beginnings just like you. He worked quite hard to get where he got and he also served his country well in the armed services.

Whether he had a silver spoon in his mouth or not remains debatable, but Nixon’s greatest nemesis, one JFK also served his country well, in more ways than one. Finally, the last US President had humble beginnings as well. Who would have thought that Barack Obama’s first job was at an ice cream parlor? The man was so humble he even took time out of the White House to go and get his staff’s takeout orders, with his security detail, of course.